"Proven Results" 

Dear sir,

Just a quick note to state how impressed I was with my lesson on Sunday morning with Darren.

Darren was able to sort out my clubs and show me (with the use of video, and lines over the points) exactly what I should aim to improve. I look forward to carrying out the recommended drills this week, and further lessons in weeks to come. I was particularly impressed will the relaxed approach and use of scientific methods.

Thank you Regards,

Nick Thorvaldson 

Hi Darren,

On a not so good day, still scored 34 stableford points. Worked out later what I was doing (a bit of a relapse). Still got 1 NTP and scored 3/4/4 in 3 successive holes. Also, with your bunker lesson I got out of 3 bunkers in 1 with scoring. Will see you for a refresher shortly.


Dear Scott,

The principal reason that I enlisted you as coach/teacher was

1. My very inconsistent ball striking

2. Unreliable putting.

3. That I was entering two separate club championships and you had just 6 weeks to turn it all around.

You could say that only the slightest change in the position of the hands, taking them ahead of the ball at address and lifting the club head slightly on the take away, and simply dropping the club head onto the back of the ball has transformed my putting.

You found that the problem of the poor ball striking was due to considerable body sway back and through and this was identified on video. Constant instruction to maintain a still head while rotating away from the ball and then right to the impact position, and continuing the rotation of the left shoulder to the left yielded very satisfactory results.

My height is 5’3’’ and weight only 57 Kilos, age 82.5 and driving distance 180 to 200m. As I told you I averaged out all my scores, and extrapolated then to 18 holes with the result 82.25 per round, thus playing just under my age.

The test will be tomorrow morning’s comp. You may not know that I did win the comp with 40 points after my first lesson with you before commencing the match play events. Thanks for all your help and advice. My enjoyment of the game is very much enriched. 

Best wishes, Ian

Thanks Darren, 

Your points on club fitting were very interesting I realise now I was never fitted properly. 

Anyway, I will keep plugging away and get a lesson in a couple of weeks. 

Callum Ashdown

Hi Darren,

Because of your thoughtful and entertaining lessons my mother will be so proud when she sees my new and improved game… that is until I beat her!

Kathryn Smolen

Darren you gave me an course lesson a few weeks ago...Well I'm hitting the ball so straight that I thought i'd text you to say a big thanks. 

Martin Cunningham 

Hello Darren,

I am feeling more confident now, remembering the three things you advised me to practice, after you assessed my golf swing.  Since then, thankyou for your continued support in the video instruction.

Regards, Jiro Endo

Thanks Darren, I hit the ball much better just with that one tip last week!
Look forward to the next lesson.
Michael Edmond