30 Nov

Australian Open 2013 Royal Sydney Bunker Play

By Darren

Facing Steep Bunker Shots

You probably have run into this same scenario. The bunker shot is tough enough but when you are literally facing a shot where your ball is lying right under a steep lip, such situations may cause serious doubt in even the best of golfers.

Trust me, it is so easy to look up and think right away that it would be physically impossible to get the ball over the lip and onto the green. The lie may even be so bad that there would be no way to get it at the right angle. So what do you do? Here are a few tips:

Go For It

Sometimes you just gotta take risks, even if it means suffering a bit. Look at it this way, if the steep bunker shot is impossible at first glance, then what do you have to lose by trying? So just go for broke and swing away! 

But be warned, you do run the risk that the ball will hit the lip and end up in the same spot or possibly in a more disastrous position, or worse yet – getting too much speed and bouncing back only to hit you – thus causing a two stroke penalty.

Declare The Ball Unplayable

Your second option is to simply take your losses and declare the ball as unplayable. As you know this choice automatically gives you a two stroke penalty and you must drop the ball within two club lengths of its original spot. However, the ball must say in the sand so hopefully a more easier bunker shot can be made after the adjustment.

Move Backwards

Your first choice was to make a go of it and see what happens. Second, you could just take your penalty and mark the ball unplayable. Now the third option, which is not too smart, but could possibly work, is to play the ball out backwards from the bunker.

This by far is the easiest way to get the ball back into a positive situation but boy can this be tough on the ego! No golfer ever wants to consider moving backwards in a game. But the choice could possibly be the smartest option in such a defeating situation, so swallow your pride and get to it! It's only a game after all.