19 Nov

Scott Gives His Running Coach A Wrap

By Scott

Take a read of this story by one of our amazing clients. See you 6:15pm tomorrow.

I met Vlad nearly two years ago at his 2XU
store in Paddington.

I was in there buying some running shorts to
use in the gym and to have a social run.

I was 99 kilos back then.

I decided I had to make a change. So I made some changes
in my Diet and started going to the gym.

And on Sundays I used to run from Bondi to Bronte
which at the time I thought was a Huge Run.

All of 5 k long.

I went back to buy another couple of clothing
items from Vlad.And was having a chat about running
and I said I am a bit old to run and just did the
gym things like spin classes, rowing machine and Weights.

He politely told me a Keith Bateman was fifty
something and held about 7 world records for
his age group.

After chatting some more he said I should think
about doing a run like a city to surf or a
Half Marathon. And think about joining his weekly Run group.
I said I lived South and worked at Homebush and
couldn't really get there.I said Na, I will just stick
to a weekly Sunday run Bondi to Brontee and stick to gym.

While at work, a work colleague said he was going
to do the Blackmore's Sydney Half marathon
With a mate of his.So I said to my Work Colleague
( named Scott also) I said ok I will enter it and
run it to.I said we can do a few runs together.
He said sure. And for the record my work colleague
Scott didn't run the race. In fact he had one training
run of about 5 k and has not run since which was nearly
2 years ago.

I happened to be in Paddington and I called in to
say hi to Vlad and said I was going to do the Black
mores Sydney Half.

I knew he did some running but had no idea how good
Vlad was back then.I said do you have any Tips he said sure.

Here are Somme things you can do.
So I said thanks and started running a few times a week.
But it was hard going.
I called back into to tell Vlad how I was going and
said I was breaking down a bit.He said it takes time.
Running is hard takes time to get used to But it's Very rewarding.
Anyway I was getting a few runs up to 12 k but it was tough.
I thought I would try and do the course a couple of
weeks before the Half. But only managed to run about 15 k
and felt I could hardly walk after a long run.

So the day came to run my first ever running event. 18/9/2011
I remember it was early and dark.
When I got there. There where people everywhere.
Lined up in the crowd of people.
The gun went off and away I went.
I remember getting to the 16 k mark and thought I would try
and run a little faster.
By the 19 Th. k hit the wall.
I stumbled over the line in about one hour and 47 mins.

I called in to see Vlad and told him how I did.
I told him I did ok for my first race.
I said how did you go? ok he said, but didn't quite
do as well as I could Vlad said, I came 6th. I thought wow.
That's pretty awesome.

Vlad said I should now think about joining his run club.
I said its a bit hard as I live south and work west.

So I continued to run on Sunday mornings.
Up to 12 k.
But was sore for a couple of days after that.

January 2012 came around and I said Vlad I would
like to join your run club on Mondays and Wednesdays.

I had Mondays off which made it easier to get to Paddington.
On Wednesdays is was tougher but i was committed to leaving
work early on Wednesdays and would drive from Homebush
to Paddington on Wednesdays.
It was great to be in the run club.
I was a 5.30 min per k. Runner.
Would start off with the middle group.

It was great but it did come with shin splints and
all the things you get until your body adapts.

So I thought being a golf professional I would
ask Vlad about can you get running lessons?
As that's what I do every day of the week give
golf lessons and teach people how to play golf.

He said yes.
And gave me Keith Batemans business card.
So I booked in for a running lesson with Keith.
Had a couple of lessons.
And continued going Monday and Wednesdays in Vlads Run
Lab running group.
Slowly moving up to 5 min pace.

I said to Vlad I was thinking of doing the Half
Marathon in May 2012.
And what do I need to do to prepare for it.
So I got Vlad to write me a 3 month program with my
goal to break 95 mins.
So I started to up my program from Vlad plus the
2 x times a week run club.
My left ankle was pulling up sore after most long runs.
But got used to icing it after every run.
But kept to the program.

Then came my second running race the Sydney morning
herald half marathon in may ( 2012)
The Run Lab group all met that morning went through our warm up.
Lined up in the crowd.
Gun went off and away I went.
Ran the race achieved my goal broke 95 mins with a 91.27 mins.

All the Run Lab group met at the imperial Hotel
that night to go over the race.
Everyone gave their postmortem of there race.
My ankle was pretty swollen so I thought would have a
couple of weeks off.
But it turned into a couple of months.
I came back to Run Lab and had a couple of sessions and had
entered in the City to surf.
I wasn't going to run.
But Vlad said should run in it but just take it easy.
I did the race for he first time 2012.
Did it in 61.30 mins
But after the race ankle was still a nuisance.
Vlad said get it checked out.
Had a MRI done.
Showed nothing major.
Just a 1.5 cm floating fossil and. Bit of scar tissue.
(Mainly bit of old age)

So I decided to run one day on,one day off.
Had a couple more running lessons of Keith Batemen.
Starting taking glucosamine tablets and saw
Alister Ross from the running company Potts point
and got a couple pairs of shoes off him.

I continued to run every Monday and Wednesday and
slowly became a little better and stronger.
I didn't do any races just kept going every
week building up strength and fitness.

Then in February this year 2013 I asked Vlad to write me
a new program and he knew my history so he tailored my
program the first Month to building my Base and was
careful to slowly increase my volume.
Then in March, vlad wrote a new program. Vlad
started to slowly increase the volume while I
kept consistently doing Monday and Wednesday run club.
Then in April Vlad wrote a new program with a little
more sharpening phase while I continued to do run club
Monday and Wednesdays.Slowly building my strength and fitness.

Then it came to May.
It had been 9 months since I had ran a race.
So I decided with Vlad to do the Adidas 10k at Homebush
Olympic Park in perpetration for the Sydney Half.
I was aiming to break 40 mins.
Just missed with 40. 30 mins but it was still a PB.
Then came the Sydney half.
The run lab group met and we did our warm up before the race.
We lined up in the crowd and then the gun went off.
Away I went.
My goal was to break 90 mins.
I got to 20 k and was struggling but thought have to dig a little deeper.
Got to the last K and pushed but just missed.
I missed by 30 seconds.
But it was still a PB.

And I must mention that Vlad had ran in the 50 K ultra in
the Blue Mountains the day before and won the race.
As we where running in the half there was Vlad cheering us
Run lab members on through out the race.
It was truly inspirational for me to see Vlad there very
early in the morning cheering us on the very next day
after he had just ran a 50 k ultra with a elevation of
about 2 and a half thousand feet climb.
Mind you it's a good couple of hours to drive from the
Blue mountains.
It was truly inspirational for me.
And in nearly two years I have known Vlad he has
won over a dozen races.
When I first met Vlad I didn't appreciate how good
a runner he is.

Since the half in May this year I have seen a huge
improvement in these past 6 weeks.
I have kept buying my program's from Vlad and even
though its been Cold and Wet.
Have continually kept training 5 days per week
raining, cold or not.
Even though its been raining hard this past month
I have been out there in the rain and bumped into
Vlad running a couple of times ( gotta make your coach Happy)

And in the run lab group run sessions this past month.
Quite a few people have said what's happening your holding great pace.
Are you doing anything different.
All I have said I simply follow Vlads program's and be
consistent in my training 5 days per week raining, cold
or not and I am finally starting to see the great rewards in running.
Thanks to Vlad I have gone from a 5 and a half per k to 4 min k runner.
The good thing is for the time being I am getting faster as I get older.
( Have to try and catch Keith one day.)
To think back a year and a half ago a 5 k was a huge run.
Now I do a 25 k run and feel fine.
Do up 70 k a week and feel great.

So at 46 have come along way in these past two years.

Thanks to you Vlad.

Also thanks to all the Run lab group members over
the past one and a half years. It has been a great time.
And it's been a big part of my life this last year and a half.
Have made some great friends.
Special thanks to Adrian, Ryan, Sam, Tas, Sheryl,
Ranu and Sharonne.
My next goal to break the 40 min for the Sydney 10
in July and to maybe run a full Marathon in Melbourne in October.
To be continued.........