15 Nov

You are never Too Old To Be A Tiger

By Scott

I have had the pleasure of teaching Ian Walters for

the past 12 months.

Ian is 82 and a half years old.

Ian came to improve his game and had a plan on what

parts  of the game he wanted to improve.
We started with his wedges 90 meters in then moved on to

his short and mid irons.

Then it was the driver.

He was already a great bunker player so then

then we really helped his putting.
Then on a Friday mornings we would head out onto

the golf course and slowly work on his course

management, course mapping, plans off the

Tee Box and angles to approach the pin from.
These past few weeks we really honed his game up.
Playing a number of specialty shots, bump and runs,

high pitch shots, fades and draws and really work

on those 3 to 6 footers.
Even though Ian is 82 and a half has more enthusiasm

than golfers half his age.

In fact last week, wanting to learn how to hit a left

handed shot with a right handed club up side down

and playing from deep divots with a rescue club.

Ian is always keeping me on my toes.

Ian kept an amazing lesson journal which was

first class, with all the notes from his lessons over

these past 12 months.
He is very punctual and a wonderful person.
And last Saturday Ian Won the C grade Club

Championship at Moore Park Golf Club.
After he won he came down to the lesson tee

and told me, in his words, he said How's that

I am the C Grade Champion.
Not only is he the C grade champion at Moore

Park Golf Club for 2013

Ian is a champion in life.

I know I have learnt from him many things

and I am sure we all could learn a few things

from him.

So a big Congratulations to Ian, showing us all

your never too old to learn.

Inspirational stuff!