30 Sep

Darren Talks Thinking Outside The Box When Facing Difficult Shots

By Darren

One of the key ingredients to becoming a better golf player is to have the skill to hit a variety of shots, from different angles, and from a multitude of disaster areas. 

Unexpected circumstances are bound to happen in golf and being able to adapt to these circumstances so that you can make as good a recovery shot as possible is the hallmark of a good golf player.

For example, let's say that you must hit your tee shot to within 125 yards of the green. It is unavoidable, yet there is a low hanging tree branch that is beckoning to deflect your shot, of which you would normally utilize the 7-iron. What would you do in the situation?

A skilled golfer, whom has taken the time to practice with his clubs and understands the outcome of each swing, would choose to hit the ball at the same distance needed but with far less height. This way the ball will pass underneath the tree branch.

Choosing the right club for this shot is where it all counts. Instead of using the 7-iron, it would be best to utilize the 5-iron, while lowering your hands on the grip about 2 inches, and reversing the sequence of the downswing to take spin off the ball keeping the ball low.

Many Paths Lead To The Same End

Let's be clear on one thing - the above example is just one way to skin a cat, so to speak. Many players in the same situation may have gone another route and utilized a different club to get the ball moving in the same manner. It all boils down to adaptability on the course by knowing your clubs, and knowing them well.

Take some time to practice. Purposely get your ball into sticky situations and work your way out of them. Try hitting with a 4-iron and use a ¾th swing to get your ball out of a troubled spot. Make the shot with your 3-wood shorter and lower. Use the 8-iron to hit the ball at the same distance that you would with the pitching wedge.

All of these test swings will come in handy on the course at any given time. By developing the skill of adapting to your game, your arsenal will be equipped with the tools needed to make a great shot out of an unfortunate situation.

Good Golfing, Darren Golsby