18 Mar

My Trip To Tasmania- Playing In The Wind

By Scott

Windy Conditions – 3 Tips For Better Golfing During A Windy Day

Playing golf in windy weather, though extremely challenging, does offer enormous benefits for those players that like to be tested. Understanding how to hit the ball in response to poor weather conditions is the sign of a great golf player, one that appreciates not only a good score, but being challenged on the course as well.

Enjoying the change in weather on a windy day when playing off takes adaptation skills in order to continue on with your game and finish the course.  Here are a few tips for playing golf when the wind is blowing hard:


1. Use a club that offers far less loft then you would normally need. The reason for this is to lower the height in which the ball would typically have to reach the intended destination. This minimizes the effects that a heavy wind will have on the ball. When the wind is coming in strong it has a natural tendency to carry the ball with it. Less height will give you more control over the shot.

2. Anytime you must hit the ball into the wind, keep your shot as low as you possibly can. You you must choose a club that has less loft on it. And expect the ball to travel far less than it normally would. You have to remember that when playing in windy conditions, you will always take more shots to get the ball in the hole, so it is better to play your game with caution.

3. Never fight the strength of the wind. Embrace the conditions and try to use it to your advantage.  Aim your shots in the opposite direction that the wind is blowing into. This will help you learn basic skills of adaptation needed on the golf course.