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The Creative Golf Company specialize in golfing tours and international junior golf camps playing on the best golf courses & visiting the most beautiful regions of Australia.

"We often see experts apply a rigid 'solution' to a problem while being closed-minded to other possibilities. Sometimes it takes creativity to resolve issues. Often, that creativity keeps the mind alive and inquisitive during what could become a monotonous learning curve." TCGC Team

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How High Should You Tee Your Driver

Posted By Darren

How High Should You Tee The Ball? Depending on your preference and whether you set-up more behind the ball and hit up on it will determine how high you tee the ball. If you set-up behind the ball...
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Student Learns Proper Release for Effortless Power!

Posted By Darren

After our lesson David was ecstatic about the improvements and had the following to say:   "I've worked with other top instructors for years and not a single one told me how to release the c...
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My Trip To Tasmania- Playing In The Wind

Posted By Scott

Windy Conditions – 3 Tips For Better Golfing During A Windy Day Playing golf in windy weather, though extremely challenging, does offer enormous benefits for those players that like to ...
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